What is Nines in the Vines? | It's challenging, interesting 9-hole golf | It's visiting world-class wineries | It's both of those... Combined!

Nines in the Vines is the definitive guide to a relaxing vacation that combines challenging, interesting 9-hole golf courses in the middle of Northern California's Wine Country with tasting at the world-class wineries nearby.

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Paul Kapustka

About the Author

PAUL KAPUSTKA is a longtime journalist, with experience in reporting about sports and technology. After spending 20 years in California, Paul’s many weekends (and weekdays) spent in Wine Country with family and friends has armed him with an extensive amount of knowledge and hands-on experience when it comes to planning a vacation spent golfing and tasting wine. NINES IN THE VINES is Paul’s effort to share that knowledge, with in-depth descriptions of the courses, towns, wineries and restaurants found along the way. Join Paul as he leads you through an entertaining, informative story based on numerous trips and up-to-date first-hand knowledge.

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